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Ivan Pavlovich Ubaleht was born on August 22, 1980 in Omsk city, USSR now Russia. After finishing school in 1997, I went to Omsk State Technical University. I graduated university in 2002. I have started my career in 1999. I prefer sport and healthy lifestyles. I like swimming, running including marathon distance (42.195 kilometres). I keen interest in philosophy, basically Western philosophy the 18th - 20th centuries and oriental philosophical system, psychology, art (especially like Renaissance, antiquity, folk art), religious studies, ethics, history (ancient history, history of Siberia and Central Asia), linguistics, historical linguistics, geography, ecology and ethnology (mainly Finno-Ugric peoples and indigenous peoples of Siberia). Now I have been living and working in Omsk, Russia. Married, daughter - Yelizaveta, son - Andrey.